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HEDEN's Nano-Grow Pro® (A Part of Green Technology Group "GTG")  Farming technique is involved in growing cut flowers, fruits, and vegetables along with other plants such as; nursery stock crops, annual bedding and garden plants, potted flowering plants, foliage plants, potted herbaceous perennials, cut cultivated greens and propagative floriculture materials.
We are well positioned to become the leading new age farmers, which is why we sourced for the best hands and resources to run the business with. We have put process and strategies in place that will help us employ best practices when it comes to bringing out the best in this line of business.
Grow pro® Farming is privately registered, we are pioneers in the farming using patented products, and techniques.
Hydroponic systems and soilless agriculture have been our specialty since 2003, with more than 15 regional farms constructed.
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Prof. Ibrahim M.Dwairi (1945-2006)

Prof. Dwairi was the man behind GTG, and a man with the a vision and idea behind the project, his passion to contribute back to life was the driving force behind his innovative technologies. His Ph.D. thesis which he received from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, in 1987 was formulated around the idea of discovering, and processing Zeolites in the Aritain area in the Northeastern part of Jordan. He has patented several processing methods of Zeolite. Dr. Dwairi has been granted several international awards (and registered patents) in scientific researches for discovering and implementing Zeolites.
Prof. Dwairi also headed the UNESCO chair of desert and desertification studies in Jordan. During his long career Prof. Dwairi has set his efforts to achieve the goal of preserving water (The Most VALUABLE COMMODITY) now, along with making the world greener, especially, the area of the Jordan and the Middle East, where deserts are dominant. Dr. Dwairi also wanted to transfer new technologies and practices that may help in creating a sustainable solution for the region.

Jordan - USA

Green Technology Group was created, a Joint Venture Jordanian - American Group, with the vision to change the world of Agriculture! Based several patents and award winning research, GTG started its venture.



Where the story all started with pilot farms using soilless grow pro system, and introducing hydroponics agriculture for the first time.



First productive farms to be established total production 1,500,000 stems per year of cutflowers, along with vegetable production.



Despite good soil condition Grow Pro did the work better


Saudi Arabia

Largest farm using grow pro system 20,00sqm projected to grow to 100,00sqm poduction 2,500,000 stems per year


UAE, Dubai

The Launch of our new company in UAE, Dubai, to serve the GCC countries


The GrowPro equation Made simple!

Manpower Saving at least 50% of man power , and bringing higher efficiency through harvesting and planting daily makes the difference Fertilizers and pesticides Grow Pro system, helps in increase savings and save the environment Water Savings Water Conservation of more than 80% through our patented products and procedures Cost and Revenues Grow Pro system guarantees reducing farming costs than any other farming technology by at least 40% and increase yield at least 35%... You do the math!

The GrowPro equation Made simple!

Sales and Marketing

Channeling and selling production to local and regional Market


Planting and managing farms from day one , guaranteeing constant production and quality


Constructing turn key projects using the GrowPro system, and patented products along with hydroponics agriculture

Partnership with TechGroup

Partnership with TechGroup


A new joint venture with TechGroup established , TechAgro L.L.C

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supplying growpro Media To Armela Farms Dubai

supplying growpro Media To Armela Farms Dubai


HEDEN L.L.C has been awarded the supply if its GrowPro Media to UAE's number one kale farms "Armela", Partnering up with Desert Group, HEDEN will be supplying the GrowPro Media for a state of the art Kale farms owned by Armela, located in AL Ain.

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Collateral business Relation with MISHKAT KSA

Collateral business Relation with MISHKAT KSA


MISHKAT Ksa and HEDEN L.L.C have been collaborating in many agriculture products, consultancy, and future perspectives. To enhance fresh and organic growing in the Region

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BASE , the new innovative Urban Farming


HEDEN L.L.C through its team are launching "BASE" Bock Agriculture System, the new innovative way for urban farming, that is fully automated and saves more than 80% water and can be installed anywhere!

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Layth Dwairi

C.E.O. of the Group

On the steps of his late father, Mr. Dwairi has continued the journey of innovation and dedication

Faisal Lutfi

HEDEN L.L.C (Part of Green Technology Group) /Partner

Mr. Lutfi is a man with vision and ambition,

Shadi Al Qaisi

General Manger of GreenLand L.L.C ( Part of Green Technology Group)

Mr. AL Qaisi has shared the vision of GTG, as a well experienced agronomist and designer Mr. Al Qaisi, has contributed a lot to the Group.

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