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Prof. Ibrahim M.Dwairi (1945-2006)

Prof. Dwairi was the man behind GTG, and a man with the a vision and idea behind the project, his passion to contribute back to life was the driving force behind his innovative technologies. His Ph.D. thesis which he received from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, in 1987 was formulated around the idea of discovering, and processing Zeolites in the Aritain area in the Northeastern part of Jordan. He has patented several processing methods of Zeolite. Dr. Dwairi has been granted several international awards (and registered patents) in scientific researches for discovering and implementing Zeolites.
Prof. Dwairi also headed the UNESCO chair of desert and desertification studies in Jordan. During his long career Prof. Dwairi has set his efforts to achieve the goal of preserving water (The Most VALUABLE COMMODITY) now, along with making the world greener, especially, the area of the Jordan and the Middle East, where deserts are dominant. Dr. Dwairi also wanted to transfer new technologies and practices that may help in creating a sustainable solution for the region.